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Living Room

Owner Services

Our Full-Service Management Offering

Our Full-Service Management offering is designed to give you all the benefits of short-term rentals without having to deal with the daily operational hassle or learning how to maximize your earnings.


We take care of the entire short-term rental process including optimizing your property across booking platforms, managing the entire guest experience, scheduling housekeeping, and everything in-between.


Starting with an initial consultation, we’ll advise you on the best use of space for your place to achieve the outcome you want. 

We’ll then work with you to setup your space, from interior design, to marketing your property, we do it all.


Once you get your first booking, The Bay Suites guest service specialists will get right to work handling communications. Our professional housekeepers will get the place ready before each guest and our experienced handyman is readily available for regular maintenance.

Luxurious Kitchen


Our team provides 5 star hotel quality cleaning services.


Never worry again about cleaning your property after every guest. We ensure that everything is spotless and all toiletries and extra amenities are provided.

Wooden Window

24/7 Call Centre

Our call center agents are well trained to handle any guest inquiry or emergency situation. The call center is available 24/7 for the guests' needs.



Things happen, we can't always control when something breaks. But we can control the outcome! 

Our full-time handyman is available to fix any issues that arise during guest stays.

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